Bam Loves Boo

Hannah, the creative director and designer behind Bam Loves Boo, had been working in the fashion industry in the UK and Australia for over 10 years before starting Bam Loves Boo after the birth of her baby girl, Harlow.

Passionate about sustainable and eco-friendly fashion production, she was inspired to design quality, functional and easy to wear pieces that are timeless and versatile. 

All Bam Loves Boo clothing is made from a unique fabrication, a perfect blend of organic bamboo and organic certified cottons which means they are beautifully soft, stretchy and breathable for comfortable wear and play. It also means that they are environmentally friendly and sustainable. Win Win!

Clean and neutral colour palettes, coordinating prints and unisex pieces are Bam Loves Boo's design mantra. They are all about making beautiful clothing that you love, for the little people you love, in a eco-friendly and socially responsible way.

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