Mukumono focuses on highlighting the pure materials in nature by using traditional techniques and experimental processes. Mukumono is a combination of two Japanese words, 'Muku' (無垢) and 'Mono' (物or者). 'Muku' is a Buddhist term for a clear and pure state of mind, while 'Mono' is a suffix meaning person or object.

Ion Fukazawa is a Sydney-based designer who grew up in both Sydney and Tokyo. He graduated from the College of Fine Arts with a Bachelor of Design in ceramics in 2014. During his studies he was awarded a scholarship-funded position in an international collaborative student design studio. This project took him to the rainforests of Borneo to study the traditional crafts of the Iban people, expanding his interest in traditional ceramics production techniques.

After graduating he was awarded an Australia Council ArtStart Grant, and returned to Japan to undertake a traditional ceramics residency in Seto, one of the oldest ceramic capitals of Japan, under Kato Hiroshige. The outcomes of this research inform MUKUMONO, launched in 2015.

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