Rasasara Skinfood

What makes Rasasara Skinfood stand apart from other skincare ranges? The answer is the knowledge underpinning it. It works from the understanding that we all have different skin types and that each of us will benefit most from using products designed to work with our primary skin type or dosha.

Ayurveda divides skin into three doshas – Vata | Pitta | Kapha. What governs your skin type are the five great elements that make up your unique constitution.

Vata | dry skin, highlights a predominance of the elements air and space; Pitta | hot or sensitive skin indicates a predominance of fire and water; Kapha | oily skin reflects a predominance of the elements earth and water.

The aim at Rasasara is to deliver a pure, ethical, cruelty free, quality Ayurvedic product and in doing so, open the door to the healing practice of beauty rituals, enlivened by Ayurvedic practices.

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