Subtle Bodies

Subtle Bodies is a range of products grounded in purity, quality and tradition.

Based in Melbourne and reaching to locations around the world, Subtle Bodies explores the woods and processes used in traditional, high grade incense to offer an exceptional, natural product - free of perfumes, oils and additives.

Their Japanese style incense sticks have only two ingredients; the fragrant wood and a natural binding agent from either Machilus thunbergii (tabu-no-ki tree) or Litsea glutinosa (brown beech tree). Subtle Bodies incense is not made with any generic base wood, perfume, oil, added colour, or bamboo sticks.

Each incense variety is sourced from independent manufacturers worldwide, individually selected for the quality of their incense as well as their connection to proper forestry practice. All have a lasting connection with the plantations that grow the trees and a fascination with the type of wood they choose to work with. The resulting product is a traditional, pure ingredient incense of exceptional quality - smokey, natural and raw.

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