Changes to our free shipping threshold

Why has our free shipping threshold changed?

We've recently changed our threshold for free shipping within Australia from $50 to $70. As a small, independently run business not yet two years old, we're taking the opportunity to review our shipping policy to make sure it works for us as well as for our lovely customers! 

In 2019, the street our shop is located on underwent 6 months of major roadworks that put a serious dent in our in-store trade, so we decided to make our online shipping policy as competitive as possible to help us through that difficult period. We always knew that free shipping over $50 was not going to be sustainable for us in the long run, especially as we ship heavy and awkwardly sized things, like ceramics and large wooden toys.

With the end of these roadworks and the start of a new year, we thought it was time to re-set our free shipping to a more sustainable level for us. We still think that free shipping over $70 is very competitive, especially for a small business like ours that does not receive any shipping discount from our carriers. As online shoppers ourselves, we know that many, many larger businesses have free shipping thresholds at $100, $150, even more.

Thanks to all our lovely customers for your support on our journey thus far - we hope you will understand our logic here and look forward to helping you with your next online order from us!